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International Symposium on Irrigation of Horticultural Crops


We invite abstract submission for oral and poster presentations on all topics related to the irrigation of horticultural crops.

Themes for the symposium will include but will not be restricted to:

  1. Irrigation scheduling
  2. Precision irrigation and new technologies
  3. Irrigation management of fruit trees
  4. Irrigation management of herbaceous and vegetable crops
  5. Irrigation education
  6. Irrigation and water management of vineyards
  7. Evapotranspiration, irrigation requirement and modelling
  8. Irrigation with poor quality water
  9. Developmental challenges and water resources
  10. Tackling irrigation under climate change
  11. Crop responses to water deficits, environmental physiology
  12. Water use efficiency and water productivity
  13. Water requirements in protected cultivation (e.g. under nets, greenhouses)

The presenting author should be available to present the paper if selected for the Xth International Symposium on Irrigation of Horticultural Crops program. Please note that each presenter can only present a maximum of one oral and one poster. The organizers reserve the right to remove a presentation from the program where this is exceeded. The organizers also reserve the right to remove a presentation from the program should the presenting author fail to register for the symposium by 15 November 2022. Papers with a positive reviewer’s opinion will be published in the Acta Horticulturae symposium proceedings if the presenting author paid the registration fee.



Financial benefits to becoming a member of ISHS

  • Potential discount on registration at each ISHS Symposium valued at EUR 60-80 per Symposium.
  • 15 free downloads of Acta Horticulturae per year valued at EUR 225.
  • 4 free electronic issues of Chronica Horticulturae and a membership list valued at EUR 60 per year.
  • Abstract submission fee of EUR 80 fully waived.
    Free online version of Scripta Horticulturae, say one copy per year; value EUR 30 per year.
  • Total financial benefits per member per year = EUR 475 per year.
  • Aditionally: discount of EUR 250 per article published in the ISHS peer-reviewed journal eJHS.

For more info on ISHS membership visit

ISHS Young Minds Award

During each ISHS Symposium two Young Mind Awards for junior scientists will be given:

  • one award for the best oral presentation given by a junior scientist who is at the same time the presenter and first author of the submitted manuscript
  • one award for the best poster presented by a junior scientist who is first author of the work

For more info on ISHS Young Minds Awards:


– abstract submission opens: 4 April 2022

– online registration opens: 22 April 2022

– abstract submission closes: 16 September 2022

– abstract modification closes: 13 October 2022

– early bird registration closes: 30 September 2022

– fulltext paper submission closes: 16 December 2022

– registration of presenting author closes: 15 November 2022

– full registration closes: 15 November 2022

– fulltext paper modification closes: 31 March 2023

We are looking forward to your contributions and welcoming you to the Symposium.